What CAPE members want:  

  1. Transparency – You want a President, respectful of the fact that it is your money that funds CAPE, who keeps you informed as issues arise and decisions are made. You want a President who values your opinions. Someone who shows exactly where and how your dues are being spent, and who makes spending decisions based on the membership’s priorities.  
  1. Superior Service – All members should expect and receive the same level of service. You want a union that responds promptly to your calls and provides the support you need. Using an interactive Q&A platform such as SLIDO will be more efficient as it enables participants to favor questions they deem most important during the limited question period of meetings. Also, new technologies that assist people who require extra support in order for them to fully participate should be the rule at all meetings. Using technology allows for a more equitable experience, and saves money.   
  1. Anticipating and Planning for Future Challenges – Your work is about to change. Phoenix, COVID, AI and possibly a second DRAP? While no crystal ball exists that can accurately predict the future, we can learn from the past. Many of us experienced these stresses. Now, returning to a new and changing office environment has been very difficult for some. Adding to this is the expectation that we must all become more data savvy. “Will you be replaced by AI,” is not the question. Rather it is what skills will your AI-assisted position require, or the position you aspire to achieve. How will you be trained? The Government of Canada’s Data Competency Framework (2023) is not yet being used to conduct performance evaluations, but it is “to be used to guide and inform conversations and the development of learning pathways around data skills needs.” You want a President cognizant of these new expectations who will protect your interests in these matters.